Elliot Long

Elliot Long

Android Developer

Elliot Long

Elliot Long

info@elroid.com • Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm a logic sculptor - dedicated to my art.
I've been developing apps for mobile devices since 2005.
I have excellent communication skills, a keen eye for detail,
and an intuitive feel for making Android apps that are a pleasure to use.
Originally from Silicon Valley I moved to the UK in 1996.


I'm a logic sculptor - dedicated to my art. I've been developing apps for mobile devices since 2005. I have excellent communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and an intuitive feel for making Android apps that are a pleasure to use. Originally from Silicon Valley I moved to the UK in 1996.


2023 - 2024

Senior Android Developer

Matches Fashion • 2023 - 2024

London, UK

Implemented app-wide re-brand. Pioneered offline-first flow-based caching strategy. Planned refactor and switch to tab-based navigation.

2016 - 2023

Android Developer - Freelance

Elroid Ltd • 2016 - 2023

Bristol, UK

Freelance developer, working remotely and in the area of Bristol. Specialising in Android apps of all kinds, especially those involving location and map-based technologies. See portfolio for featured projects.


Lead Android Developer (Contract)

Hyper • 2022

London, UK

Lead a distributed team of developers to create a KMM-compatible indoor-location-enabled augmented reality SDK

2018 - 2022

Mobile Software Architect (Contract)

Snowdrop Solutions Ltd • 2018 - 2022

Bath/London, UK

Consultant and systems architect creating cross-platform location-aware solutions using Google services primarily for high profile organisations in the travel and fintech industries.

2009 - 2016

Senior Mobile Developer

Intohand Ltd • 2009 - 2016

Bath, UK

Lead programmer and development consultant using J2ME, Blackberry, and Android for over a dozen different clients. Established process standards and spearheaded JIRA-based project management. See portfolio for featured projects.

2005 - 2010

Co-Founder & CTO

MyCityMate S.A. • 2005 - 2010

Barcelona, Spain & Frankfurt, Germany

Co-founded a technology startup and performed specification, design, and implementation of J2ME-based mobile phone travel guide application and supporting website in three languages.

Solution involved customised recommendations for each user, including a weekly personalised email newsletter, and a custom mobile application that stored all information on-device for use offline while travelling. Attracted the attention of Lonely Planet, who used our technology to release J2ME-based travel guides under the Lonely Planet brand.

2002 - 2004

Java/Web Developer

Synchro Ltd • 2002 - 2004

Birmingham, UK

Performed java website development (using JSP with Struts, Flash, and Tomcat/MySQL) for web browser-based intranet planning application for construction projects. Also designed and built a new company web site.

2000 - 2001

Java/Web Developer

tw2 eCommerce Systems • 2000 - 2001

Birmingham, UK

Developed web application for a start-up online personalised printing firm with a team of developers. An Enterprise Java Beans based system, utilising JSP, Javascript, Java applets, Java beans and MS-SQL. Also developed a Java-based catalogue system for a large computer component reseller with a team of developers


Network Engineer (Contract)

International Computers Ltd. • Aug. - Dec. 1999

Stevenage, UK

Participated in UK-wide retail systems rollout for Marks and Spencer. Diagnosed, repaired, and upgraded faulty PCs. Set up workstations and servers to be included on an NT-based network.


Software Consultant (Contract)

Alcatel Microelectronics • Jun. - Aug. 1999

Wokingham, UK

Continued development for the second version of the software previously created. Added RS232 communications capability and user interface enhancements


Software Consultant (Contract)

Alcatel Microelectronics • Aug. - Sep. 1998

Brussels, Belgium

Analysed requirements and drafted specification for WindowsNT - based settings interface software for ISDN/POTS embedded system chipset. Personally performed all coding, documentation and testing using Microsoft Visual C++, Word, and Excel


  • Programming Languages: Android/Kotlin (Expert), Java (Expert), HTML/Javascript, PHP (Proficient)
  • Spoken Languages: English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), German (Basic)


BA Computer Science / Music

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, UK

Specialised in saxophone performance, computer music, and audio processing.

  • Conductor, University Wind Band
  • Member of Monkhouse, Soul and Funk band


Matches Fashion



London's leading luxury fashion destination for over 25 years, with world-wide reach and over half a million downloads

Good Energy



One of the UK's leading renewable energy suppliers, selling 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas




Vypr lets consumers earn cash for participating in retail goods surveys

Smart Driver Club



Smart Driver Club brings all the data about your vehicle to your fingertips, from diagnostics to location




Pour the perfect beer using just your mind!

Oh Europa



Directs you to beacons placed throughout Europe, transmitting an ever-evolving library of love songs, broadcasting 24/7




Iranian-language TV Production company based in London with over 1 million monthly users




Send your location to anyone, no matter what platform they use, including when connectivity is scarce.




Lovestruck® – Winner of Dating App of The Year at the UK Dating Awards 2014 with over 100k downloads.




Created with concert photography in mind, gigit provides a route-to-market for photographers, with real-time delivery of concert photos.




Tribesports is a social fitness tracking app combining personal training plans with a real-time GPS tracker.


Covering humour and viral content galore, with over 100k downloads, the LADbible needs no introduction.

Judo Payments



JudoPay is the fast, safe and hassle-free way to pay using your phone at thousands of businesses across the UK.




A marketplace for short story content, an immersive eReader and the ability to follow your favourite authors.


My vision of what a festival app should be, with real-time data, GPS, augmented reality, search, and reminders, all available without connectivity.


My first effort at at a music festival app, with the ability to see what's on now/next and be reminded when my favourite acts are about to perform.


A fun little app that turns your car into a micro machine.

Please visit elroid.com/cv for more detail and links to google play.


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